You may qualify for Lifeline

PRTC Lifeline information

Lifeline is a government program that offers qualified people a discount on their monthly local telephone bill.

You can save $12.75 on your basic monthly bill. These benefits apply to your local telephone service charges that you purchase as a flat rate service.

You are eligible for Lifeline if you qualify for any of the following programs:

Food Stamps
Low Income
Home Energy Assistance Programs
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program
National School Lunch's Free Program
Federal Public Housing

·         Lifeline can only be used for ONE telephone line in a household.

·        Lifeline customers may purchase all services offered to non-Lifeline customers including high-speed broadband Internet access and digital television services.

·         You will be asked to provide proof of your eligibility by providing a copy of a document that verifies that you qualify for any of the programs mentioned above.

·         If you are not sure about eligibility or proof of eligibility, please contact PRTC Customer Service for more information.

·        Your Lifeline benefits will take effect when proof of eligibility is received. Your benefits will be discontinued when you no longer meet eligibility requirements or if proof of eligibility is not received.

·         If your household is found to have multiple benefits, you will be required to choose only one carrier for the Lifeline benefit or Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) will make the choice for you

Call (606)287-7101 for more information.